Maison Ackerman was founded in Saumur in 1811, a mythical date in the history of oenology. Also known as the Year of the Comet, 1811 is reputed to be one of the greatest vintages of all time. That same year was also born the Prince Imperial of France, future King of Rome, son of Napoleon I. It is interesting to note that this reference appears clearly in the coat of arms of the House of Ackerman-Laurance, under the features of the imperial crown.

Maison Ackerman is the heir to Maison Ackerman-Laurance founded in 1811 by Jean Baptiste Ackerman and Jean Pierre Apollinaire Laurance-Olivier, a skilled grain and wine merchant, in Saumur. In 1838, he presented his 1836 cuvée at the Angers industrial exhibition. The jury, after the oenological examinations and analyses, awarded him a gold medal: it was the beginning of the adventure of fine wines bubbles for Jean Baptiste Ackerman and a new identity for the city of Saumur.

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