Chateau de Ferrand Grand Cru Classe

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The history of Château de Ferrand dates back to the 17th century and was forged in the grand tradition of the Bordeaux wine-growing estates, those that helped the region gain its illustrious reputation.

Like all the Grands Crus of Bordeaux, the estate has experienced periods of great prosperity – Louis XIV’s court flocked to Ferrand renowned for its parties.

One of the oldest and most consistent estates in Saint-Emilion, in 300 years Château de Ferrand has belonged to just two families; that of Elie de Bétoulaud, who passed the estate down to his descendant the Marquis de Mons and his heirs, and that of Baron Bich, founder of the famous Bic company. Nowadays the estate is managed by Pauline Bich Chandon-Moët with help from her husband Philippe Chandon-Moët.

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