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Montepulciano D’Abruzzo DOP

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About Ciavolich

My last name is Bulgarian. The Ciavolichs were wool merchants who, in 1500, arrived in Miglianico. In 1853 the family constructed their first wine cellar, which is one of today’s most ancient winemaking buildings in Abruzzo. The building is spread over two floors: the ground floor was where the grapes were pressed and where mulled wine was produced.  The lower floor, on the other hand, is where the wine was left to age in the barrel and which could be reached by an underground tunnel hewn out of the earth - a passageway which could be used to escape from the village in times of trouble.

Our vineyards spread over the entire surrounding hillside, and life revolved around the harvest and the subsequent wine production.  When the carts arrived, laden with grapes from the countryside, the grapes were pressed inside the cellar and the must, via picturesque grids in the floor, poured down into the lower floor and directly into the wooden vats to ferment.  The liquid was left to age in great 132hl barrels, purposely built inside the cellar.

Divus Montepulciano

D'Abruzzo DOC

Giuliana Vicini Cerasuolo D'Abruzzo DOP

Giuliana Vicini Pecorino IGP Colline Pescaresi

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