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Dievole is set in tranquil surroundings, nestled in the beautiful Tuscan hills, long known as a little piece of heaven on Earth. Here the dialogue between Mankind and Nature has never been interrupted.

The name Dievole officially appeared for the first time in a contract in which Rodolfino and Vinizio paid two capons, three loaves of bread, and 6 silver Lucca denari for a promise of the divine vineyard. It was on the 10th of May 1090.

Eight centuries and countless generations later, another contract mentions Dievole. This time it was a wedding gift. Count Giulio Terrosi-Vagnoli gave the Estate, costing 361,632 lira, to his future wife Ildegonda Camaiori, who was to be the last noblewoman of Dievole. She is responsible for an invaluable document that has survived to this day: Dievole’s Ledger of Balances containing all the names of the peasant families at the time, and the name of the holding entrusted to them. These are names that hint at the passion of Chianti’s people for their own land. Many descendants of those families are still here. Since the 1980’s, their age-old wisdom has returned to care for Dievole’s vineyards: 16 vineyards, just like the 16 holdings into which the property was divided.

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