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Guado al Melo Wines

The decision to plant a vineyard in this location was not made by chance but as a consequence of in-depth knowledge about its viticultural quality potential, thanks to its history and to the zonation studies carried out here in the 1990s.

Historical figures and documents report that these areas have been cultivated as vineyards at least since the mid-1800s. They were part of a great estate that with the 20th century was broken up, with the parcels passing from hand to hand until they arrived in our hands in 1998.This passage of properties had left this particular parcel without a name. Examining historical maps, we discovered the toponym “Guado al Melo,” or Ford at the Apple Tree, which was a ford across the Fossa di Bolgheri stream that forms the northern boundary of our property. And thus Guado al Melo it became, testifying to our bond with the area. In 1999, we re-planted the vineyards, and in 2005 we completed the construction of the present winecellar.

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