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About Imako Vino

Winemaking has been blessed from traditions, enabling Macedonian winemakers a sense of uniqueness and continuity of customs aged of more then 2000 years.

The tradition of winemaking comes from the ancient times of Alexander the Great and the royal family for whom it is well known to be admirers of good wine. The tradition of vine growing and winemaking continues throughout the centuries and it is present today.

The history of IMAKO VINO Winery begins in 1989 when the International Macedonian Company – IMAKO is established. In 2002, winery IMAKO VINO was built as a green-field investment in a picturesque hillside region near the city of Štip. The capacity of the winery is around 10 million litres of wine annually, acknowledging IMAKO VINO as the third largest wine cellar in Macedonia. The capacity is not the sole advantage of the winery, but also its state-of-the-art production equipment as well as expertise.

Imako Vino Wines