About La Cave de Roquebrun

Sir de Roc Brun Red

La Cave de Roquebrun , created in 1967, is located in the Haut Languedoc Regional Park, 30 km north of Béziers between the two regional capitals Montpellier and Toulouse. The village of Roquebrun benefits from an exceptional microclimate allowing the cultivation of orange trees, lemon trees, mandarin trees in the open ground, which produce a citrus harvest for local consumption.

Mimosas, olive trees, laurels, so many colors and scents that have earned Roquebrun to be presented as "the little Nice of the Hérault" and make it a tourist hotspot in the Orb Valley.
Located on a terroir of shale typical of Languedoc, enjoying a unique and very sunny Mediterranean microclimate, the vineyard of the winery allows the production of original wines of great quality.

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