Podere Brizio Brunello
di Montalcino DOCG Riserva

Podere Brizio Wines

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Podere Brizio Brunello
di Montalcino DOCG

About Podere Brizio

Despite the winery’s relatively recent founding, Podere Brizio vaunts historical provenance, as displayed on the labels depicting the old Parpagliola coin. Minted in 1556, towards the end of the Great Wars of Italy, this coin symbolized the Siena
Republic in the year when 600 or so local noble families sought refuge in Montalcino Fortress in order to keep the republic alive. The piece of silver stood for the resistance, determination and fortitude of a place whose history resembles an epic novel.

On the Podere Brizio estate, the marine-origin sand and loam soil cover marl and limestone dating back more than 100 million years, making this the perfect terroir for our vineyards, according to a sustainable philosophy that is respectful of
the soil and the natural lifecycle of the vines. A jewel in the Montalcino hills, Podere Brizio comprises 33 hectares of land, including over 11 hectares planted to Sangiovese and two hectares of olive trees.