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For eight generations, the life of our family is devoted to the land of Sicily, its unique nature, its surprising and inimitable resources.  A love that began in 1830 with the purchase of the Regaleali Estate, a green oasis in the center of the island.

Well recognized both domestically and internationally:

  • “Winery of the Year” 2012 by Gambero Rosso
  • “European Winery of the Year” 2019 by Wine Enthusiast
  • Wine & Spirits world ranking “Top 100 Winery” for 2020 + 2021

For years the Tasca family has taken steps to protect the environment and support the development of Sicily.  They follow one basic principle: “the influence of agricultural activities goes beyond the fields we cultivate”.  They follow a scientific approach – the SOStain approach – to go beyond organic and biodynamic methods focused primarily on the health of the soil and the plant, so as to take into account other aspects that concern the well-being of workers, the health of consumers, the enhancement of the surrounding area and the conservation of natural resources.  In 2017 they became the first Viva - SOStain certified winery

Tasca d’Almerita is the first and only Sicilian winery and one of 24 only wineries in the world to receive the Robert Parker “Green Emblem”.

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