Tooth & Nail The Possessor

Tooth & Nail The Fiend

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Tooth & Nail Red Blend

Tooth & Nail Sauvignon Blanc

Tooth & Nail Wines:

Amor Fati Grenache

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Tooth & Nail The Stand

Tooth & Nail Wine Company

Founded by grower Rob Murray who has followed a path of true grit and determination to find success in Paso, a tough place to grow grapes and make wine. Rather than battle nature, we bottled it–fighting tooth and nail to create wines we could be proud of.  Sustainably crafted wines that embrace the elements in the pursuit of excellence. Wines that are bold, unconventional and unapologetic.  Wines for people who simply love wine. 

The Tooth & Nail labels are John James Audubon originals; beasts of the early 1830s fighting “Tooth & Nail” to survive.

Tooth & Nail Cabernet Sauvignon