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About Unión Campensina Iniestense

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The first grape harvest campaign carried out by the Cooperativa del Campo “Unión Campesina Iniestense” was in 1947. At the end of the decade, in 1959, the first expansion of the winery was proposed.

The decade of the 60s and 70s saw successive extensions that further expanded the Cooperative’s facilities. The last 25 years have been marked by the modernization of the facilities. The mid-80s was also when the cooperative decided to go a step further and began bottling its wines after the current oenologist Angel Carrascal joined the cooperative, which meant the opening of another sales channel for wines. On May 7, 2003, they invested in a new bottling plant.

In 2011, the winery transformed 1,500 hectares of the 7,000 owned by its partners into organic vineyards, thus becoming the largest organic red wine winery in the world.

The last big step, and no less important for that, was obtaining a Quality Seal, granted under the Featured Standard Certification, known as IFS Food, which certifies the bottling company. Said Seal of Quality is recognized worldwide for its demand both at the product and technological level and allows both buyers and the end customer to be certain that the product produced in these facilities far exceeds all the quality levels that could be required in any market.