Available at:

  • Calabria Market
  • Denardi Wines
  • G.J. Andrews
  • Jones & Company Wine Merchants
  • The Pourium
  • The Winehouse

The journey of this Sauvignon Blanc comes directly from the Central Valley of Chile.  It is among the best growing areas in the world for this grape varietal.

Where thanks to the influence of the sea this Sauvignon Blanc stands out with intense scents and freshness. Clear and bright at a glance its fruit scents are wrapped in guava and passion fruit, providing the perfect preamble to embark on the freshest and most acidic travel for your palate.

Ideal to accompany your adventures with fresh cheese, a wide variety of seafoods and light appetizers.

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Viajero Sauvignon Blanca


Viajero Sauvignon Blanca