Terra Dei Sogni (Organic)

Vivera Wines

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Etna Rosso (Organic)

About Vivera

Salisire (Organic)

We are located on the side of the highest volcano in Europe, an extraordinary place, extreme and surprising. Our wines are born from the heights of Etna, a breathtaking landscape that overlooks this incredible Island  of Sicily.

Our award-winning wines are appreciated around the world. They narrate the uniqueness, the force and also elegance of this territory in a sincere expression. They are the results of our love and respect, dedication and experience, tradition and experimentation.

Family owned we have three domains: in Etna where there are vineyards and our winery, in Corleone where we have vineyards and olive groves and Chiaramonte Gulfi where we also have olive groved All the production is organic and in total we manage about 40 Hectares.