Intrépido Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva

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375ml only:

Viajero Sauvignon Blanca

Explorador Gran Reserva

Cabernet Sauvignon

Intrépido Merlot Reserva

Espíritu de Chile Wines

Intrépido Reserva Carménère

That is ESPÍRTU DE CHILE. A permanent invitation to live unique experiences connected with nature. This is the spirit that remains alive in each of our wines, created to enjoy while you wait for your next adventure.

Our ancestors based their living spirit on the concept of the sun. For all the cultures that inhabited this wild territory, the sun was essential for their daily subsistence.

At ESPÍRTU DE CHILE we create wines that express the Living Spirit of our wild territory. These are wines that evoke and accompany. ESPÍRITU DE CHILE is a way of living life. It's the moment of pause during the day in which the senses are allowed to expand with a

Enjoy ESPÍRITU DE CHILE and feel the living spirit!