Touraine Sauvignon Blanc

Justin Monmousseau

Monmousseau’s cellars are not to be missed on a Loire Valley visit. Located just a couple of minutes from Chateau de Chenonceau, the guided visit begins outdoors with an exceptional view of the Cher River and the famous Valley of the Kings, that was also the biggest area in France with troglodyte dwellings!

You will then penetrate into a world of lights and a maze of walls, clad with a myriad of breath-taking works of art.

By the end of this moving trip, you will have learnt the secrets about fine sparkling wines… Come and admire this unique place, combining art and history, at the heart of Touraine’s biggest tuffeau stone cellar.

 Vouvray Justin


Brut Etoile

Etoile Red Semi-Dry

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Crémant de Loire

Monmousseau Rosé Brut

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